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Cookie Policy

As Kumkumoğlu Ergün Cin Özdoğan Avukatlık Ortaklığı (“KECO”), we use cookies to improve your experience during your visits to our website. Use of these technologies is carried out in accordance with the legislation that we are subject to, especially the Law on the Protection of Personal Data No. 6698 (“PDPL”).

If you visit the website run by us, within the scope of the KECO Cookie Policy, cookies and similar technologies may be used, saved on your device, and your personal data can be processed in accordance with the purposes and methods specified below and in the KECO Privacy Notice.

What is a cookie?

Cookies are text files or pieces of information that may be stored on your computers (or other internet-enabled devices such as smartphones and tablets) when you visit a website. Cookies record your actions and preferred settings during your browser session or for your next visit to our website. This information will be sent back to the server if you visit our websites again. In this way, your computer or mobile device is automatically recognized and, for example, the settings that you prefer are automatically loaded for your convenience.

What are the type of cookies?

In terms of Cookie management:

  • First-Party Cookies: These cookies are generated by us and placed on the website and under our control.

  • Third-Party Cookies: These cookies are generated and managed by third-party companies.

In terms of Storage time:

  • Session Cookies: These are temporary cookies held on your device until you leave the websites.

  • Persistent or Permanent Cookies: These cookies are stored by a web browser and will remain valid until its set expiry date. These can be used by websites to recognize your computer when you open your browser and surf the internet again.

In terms of intended use:

  • Strictly Necessary Cookies: These cookies are necessary for some functions such as providing the effective operation of websites, providing various services for you through websites, and accessing secure areas.

  • Performance Cookies: These cookies aim to provide an enhanced and personalized experience to the user by saving user settings such as language settings on the website.

  • Functional Cookies: These cookies are used by web analytic tools to collect statistical information such as time spent on website, pages used, click information, time spent on a page to analyze the use of websites and carry out more effective marketing activities.

  • Targeting/Advertising Cookies: These cookies collect information about you and your interest and your browsing habits. It ensures the implementations of functions such as blocking the repeating of the same advertisements, displaying advertisements properly, and in some situations displaying advertisements according to your interests.

Necessary Cookies

Cookies below are used on our website for the stated purposes:

Intended purpose

  • Saving Cookies permission status in the context of the user’s domain

  • Saving that the user whether deactivate the JavaScript on browser or not

  • Storing the preferences such as language, location, search results to display

  • Reading your browser settings to display our website in the most suitably for your screen

  • Loading the websites evenly to remain accessible

  • Optimizing our websites in real time based on how you use them

How to change cookie preferences?

Although many internet browsers accept cookies as default, you can reject or delete cookies from the settings section of your browser. Please apply to your browser’s help screen to get detailed information on how to edit your browser settings.

If you choose to reject or delete cookies, please remember that this may prevent some features or services of KECO’s websites working properly and therefore affect your experience on KECO’s websites. Since your cookie preferences are managed through the browser that you use, you will also need to renew the opt-out preferences when you use a different browser or purchase a new computer.

KECO reserves the right to change the terms of use regarding cookies and the Cookie Policy.

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