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Information provided on this website by Kumkumoğlu Ergün Cin Özdoğan Attorney Partnership (“KECO”) are solely produced for informative purposes and do not constitute legal opinion or advice under any circumstances. In this respect, such information may become inaccurate and not reflect the most current legal developments based on the amendments on the applicable laws. Therefore, KECO and its employees cannot be held responsible or liable for any decision adopted based on the information or materials herein or for any consequences of such decision.

Moreover, without having entered into an engagement letter, contacting KECO via this website or any other means including e-mail, phone or facsimile does not constitute “attorney-client” relationship in any manner. and all information provided on this website have been prepared in accordance with the Attorneys’ Act no. 1136 and the Professional Rules of the Union of Bar Associations of Türkiye and the regulations on prohibition of advertisement. This website cannot be used to acquire business or similar benefits and/or for advertising purposes.

KECO is the sole owner of the intellectual property rights of all information, documents and logos contained herein, and none of them shall be reproduced, copied, or used without written consent of KECO.

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